Why Quora is an INTJ Playground

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Kevin Price, Editor at Large for USA Business Radio and Host of the Price of Business Show, has recently become hooked on Quora.  In addition to daily hosting the Price of Business, Kevin has numerous writing obligations on this and other sites for which he serves as an editor and with his syndicated column, so we decided that if he’s going to write at Quora, he is going to share that content on this website.  If you are on Quora, make sure to follow Kevin.  You can check out his page here.

Kevin’s hot topics on Quora are history, free market economics, philosophy, and Myers Briggs typology, and many others.  The following is one of his recent answers to the question in the title.

Quora is definitely one of my favorite sites and I believe being an INTJ has much to do with it. Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • The articles cover a plethora topics, making it an intellectual playground for the INTJ.
  • INTJs love it when people get to the point. Because of the nature of Quora, people tend to write short articles. In no time we learn if someone is providing interesting and useful articles and if they are someone to keep an eye out for in the future. Or, on the other hand, one can easily learn if one is a blowhard that we should avoid. That’s gold to the extremely introverted and strongly efficient INTJ.
  • INTJ loves to engage with smart people. Since the majority of the topics are intellectually interesting and stimulating, it is a great way to meet new friends that have similar interests and values as an INTJ. In fact, I believe over time Quora (or a site like it) will be the primary social media site for INTJs.
  • Plus, because of the nature of Quora,

I recently read an interesting article — probably by…. (READ MORE, while there FOLLOW Kevin on Quora and check out more of his content).

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