Trump’s Infrastructure Program Garners Support

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By CG/LA Infrastructure, Special for USABR.

A new survey of infrastructure executives by CG/LA Infrastructure showed powerful support for long-term infrastructure investment, highlighting key issues of vision, public leadership, and a project-focused approach to the success of a long-term investment initiative.

The nationwide survey was conducted by CG/LA Infrastructure as part of the Blueprint 2025 initiative from April 13, 2017 to May 22, 2017 and polled a cross-section of the industry including executives from the E&C, technology, finance sector, and the public sector.  Among notable results:

  • 96% of private sector respondents said that an infrastructure vision was important or very important, while 94% highlighted the importance of a strategic project focus, and just over 90% highlighted public leadership as important or very important.
  • 53% of respondents believe that of the $1 trillion proposal, only 20-30% of funding will come from the public sector, underscoring the need for a plan that catalyzes private sector investment.
  • Only 68% of public sector respondents believe that investment in the right projects will contribute to economic growth — while private sector respondents are 91% certain.
  • One surprising result, 56% of respondents believe that the Trump Administration will invest the same as, or less than, the Obama Administration

“The survey showed tremendous support for infrastructure investment, as you might expect,” said Norman Anderson, CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure.  “However, this kind of a ‘man on the moon’ initiative requires very high-level consensus – and the survey highlights concerns about vision, and also weakness in public sector support, both crucial to success.”

This is the first of three surveys the Blueprint 2025 will release this year to support a sustained investment of infrastructure in the US.

SOURCE CG/LA Infrastructure

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