The Power of Omega 3


Did you know that one of the healthiest and most beneficial substances for human health can be found in your everyday foods? This substance is called Omega-3, and it is a fatty acid that can be derived from multiple of sources. However, the most potent form comes from fish oil. If people knew all the benefits that are associated with consuming Omega 3, they would be tripping over themselves to get to it. It is known to be able to decrease heart conditions, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used to treat developmental disabilities, mental health, and many other conditions.

One of the less well known benefits of Omega 3, is the benefit it has on exercise and fitness regimens as pointed out by preworkout supplement company Nanohydr8 recently. It is a powerful Performance Enhancement supplement, and when used, there will usually be dramatic improvements to daily fitness activities. According to an article printed in the EAS Academy Journal, Omega 3 helps metabolize fat while sparing glucose/glycogen. There will be a decrease in waist size and increased endurance. Also, mentioned in the journal study, not only will it decrease heart conditions, but improve your resting heart rate and exercise, making it more efficient during exercise. (EAS Academy)

Soreness is a sad reality of exercise, and it can be enough to discourage future exercise. In the National Library of Medicine “Omega 3 demonstrates that it reduces delayed-onset soreness caused by strenuous strength exercise.” (Kelly B. Jouris) If soreness is left untreated, it can slow the progress of any new exercises.

It isn’t difficult to incorporate more Omega 3 into meals because it can be found in a variety of sources. Whether weightlifting, CrossFit, cycling, or your exercise of choice; use Omega 3. Find a source that work well for you, and enjoy the benefits of Omega 3 today.

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