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About the Price of Business Radio Show

The Price of Business is the longest running business shows on news talk radio in Houston, Texas. Hosted by award winning broadcast journalist, Kevin Price, this programs brings fresh perspectives to national and business news.
For more information on the program, including  how you could be a contributor, contact  It is rebroadcast on the national news site, and several other media sites.

Listen to the latest radio show segments here.  Listen to the show live, Monday through Friday at 3 PM ET here

The Price of Business National Television Show.

The Price of Business, which is the longest running business radio show in Houston, Texas and has been nationally broadcast on US Daily Review; has become one of the fastest growing TV shows with its creation of a weekly national edition of the show for the BizTV network.  The show will air Sundays at 11.30 AM EST in the following markets.

The show is nationwide and in one-third of the homes around the country.  That is over 40 million homes.

We are excited to bring the show to this expanded market. Remember, you can also watch live online at Want it in a market where you live? Let us know at

Check out the expanded video and radio here on its YouTube channel. 

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