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By Moira Alexander, Lead-Her-Ship Group

Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer discusses Lumiled’s changing priorities and 2018 outlook.

Lumileds is a global leader employing more than 9,000 team members operating in over 30 countries. With over 100 years of inventions and industry firsts, Lumileds is a global lighting solutions company that helps customers around the world deliver differentiated solutions to gain and maintain a competitive edge. As a pioneer in halogen lighting and the leader in high-performance LEDs, Lumileds builds innovation, quality, and reliability into its technology, products, and every customer engagement. Together with its customers, Lumileds is making the world safer, better and more beautiful — with light.

Before joining Lumileds as Chief Executive Officer, Adams held various leadership positions at Micron, a Fortune 200 global manufacturer of advanced memory solutions, Lexar Media Inc., Creative Labs Inc., and NCR Corporation. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, and an MBA from Harvard University and currently sits on the board of directors at Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Seagate Technology PLC.

When asked how business goals or priorities for Lumiled may have changed for 2018, Adams explained “the biggest change for Lumileds is that we are now a stand-alone company and we have the ability to set forth on our own path with the support of Apollo. We want to invest in our people, in partnerships and be able to invest in the community — and we have the backing to do that.”

Several companies have conveyed an interest in partnering with Lumileds for lighting technology that the company will be working within the coming years. Lumileds plans to be more involved in emerging technologies including virtual reality and IoT, as well as self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles. “When you think of where lighting is headed, at the core of that technology are the products we develop,” Adams said.

Adams further shared that “2018 will be an important, potentially pivotal year for Lumileds.” He explained how July 5, 2018, will mark the one-year anniversary of Lumileds operating as an independent company. “Every day, around the world, Lumileds touches lives — on phones and in cars, buildings and outdoor spaces — everywhere we live, work and play,” he said. The overarching 2018 goal for Lumileds is to become synonymous with lighting excellence and global leadership. The company plans to continue to press the envelope on innovation in providing advanced lighting solutions, and the company’s priorities are to “lead not just in solutions for LEDs — but for laser, infrared, Micro LEDs and more,” said Adams.

When it comes to 2018 business goals and priorities, Adams explained that since becoming an independent company in 2017, Lumileds is laser-focused on three key business goals:

  • Expanding market leadership in automotive LED solutions,
  • Advancing technological innovation to serve mobile customer needs, and
  • Developing differentiated solutions to serve specialty illumination segments such as horticulture, street lighting, retail, stadiums, and lighting for medical devices.

What Are Some Of The Trends Adams Sees In The Coming Years?

Adams said these trends will affect how lighting is used and developed for a variety of industries.

  1. The industry is experiencing a tremendous shift from standard to intelligent lighting.
  2. There is extensive development of applications in intelligent lighting, in markets such as:
    • Automotive: enhancing performance and safety via Advanced Driving Beam (ADB) to 3D sensing technologies for self- and semi-autonomous driving applications
    • Horticulture: improving grow lights for greenhouses and vertical farms to increase crop yields and bring smart farming to urban areas
    • Retail: leveraging specialized LEDs designed to create showcase lighting for fashion retail, grocery and restaurant industries
    • Control systems: integrating smart lights in city infrastructure and buildings to sense traffic and people and adjust lighting accordingly (i.e., smart cities)
    • Stadiums: creating amazing experiences with lighting in sporting event and concert stadiums
    • Sanitization: using lighting for water and air purification

How The New Direction Of Lumiled Benefits Customers And Other Stakeholders?

Adams believes “innovation is the hallmark of Lumileds lighting solutions,” and further shared that “every innovation pioneered by Lumileds is created to help address customer needs, and as a newly-independent company with focused business objectives and new leadership on board, we are even better equipped to meet those needs today and in the future.” He is confident that as a pioneer in halogen lighting and an industry leader in LED phosphor technology, Lumileds will be able to leverage new talent and dedicate new resources to innovate with each new lighting solution.

Lumileds will continue to apply their extensive expertise to “bring lighting application know-how to every engagement, partnering with our customers with a primary focus on helping them meet the needs of their end customers.”

To find out more about Lumileds contact Mark Adams below.

Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer


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