Crisis Communication Software Available at No Cost to Harvey Victims

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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, CrisisResponsePro – the innovative, cloud-based software for crisis communications response – today announced that for 60 days it will offer free, no-obligation use of its portal to all businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in Houston and surrounding areas affected by the storm.

CrisisResponsePro is designed for organizations of all sizes, from small to medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. Sign-up is immediate, and the system is intuitive and user-friendly. Businesses and other organizations can be up and running within hours, and new users and Virtual WorkRooms can be added with the touch of a button.

No credit cards will be needed to sign up — at the end of the 60 days, users will simply be asked whether they’d like to continue to be a CrisisResponsePro subscriber. There is no other obligation.

For immediate sign-up, Texas business can simply email to get started.

“Our software is designed for coordinating crisis communications teams, but our advanced collaboration features and secure document storage may be of value more broadly to any businesses whose infrastructure has been compromised by the hurricane,” said Jim Haggerty, CrisisResponsePro CEO.

“The ability of Texas businesses to communicate, collaborate and access key information will be critical to recovery,” Haggerty added. CrisisResponsePro CEO. “CrisisResponsePro is a sophisticated, secure tool that we believe can help organizations respond effectively in the weeks to come.”

About CrisisResponsePro

CrisisResponsePro is not an emergency notification system, but instead offers a collaborative platform for the coordination of crisis communications teams, built on the “Virtual WorkRoom” concept. The highly secure, web-based subscription portal brings the crisis communications team together and provides tools to respond quickly and effectively to immediate crises like physical accidents, data breaches or product recalls, as well as longer-term issues related to legal, regulatory or public affairs matters. Accessible from any computer, laptop, table or smartphone, the system includes secure document storage with designated permissions for different team members, instant notification via email and text, and more than 100 templates covering various crisis situations. The portal also hosts more than 12,000 statements issued by other organizations in the wake of crises, including hurricanes, flooding, power outages and other weather-related crises. There is also secure messaging within the system, and template forms for incident response, call centers, contact sheets and other key data.

All data is hosted on secure, private servers that allows CrisisResponsePro to deliver cost-effective crisis communications planning and response with the highest level of security: NSA-level, 256-bit encryption (in transit and at rest); password protection for all documents; secure, encrypted confidential messaging; two-factor authentication; and daily backup to multiple server locations with bank-level security.

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