Advancing Work Force in Germany

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By Buse Heberer Fromm Law Firm, Special for USDR

Labor law is a critical success factor in restructuring companies and corporate transactions.

According to a study, the three most important reasons why restructurings and transactions fail are: Lack of experience in transactional and crisis situations (64% of the respondents), too much ambition (40% of the respondents) and (reportedly) lack of room to maneuver (36% of the respondents). Restructurings and transactions should not be insurmountable obstacles for companies. Whether under external pressure (globalization, cutthroat competition, company crisis) or by internal insight (preventive restructuring as a strategy for growth): Many companies recognize that great competitive advantages can be achieved through projects aimed at increasing productivity and reducing HR costs. For example, potential savings of 20% or more within a few months are realistic and can be planned.

Therefore, project management with regard to labor law is crucial. In this respect, a three-step approach can help…

SOURCE Buse Heberer Fromm Law Firm

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